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From 1 to 14 days, all our safaris are organised with the highest respect for nature and the local Bedouin and with particular attention to detail in order to offer a complete experience. Our guides share their exceptional knowledge of the desert, it’s plants, wildlife and of their own history. They also have a selection of itineraries known only to themselves and completely off the beaten track. Our tailor made safaris are for as many days as you wish to any location in South Sinai. Chose between riding camels, in a car, trekking or a combination. The areas you wish to visit are entirely up to you or you may leave it up to your guide’s recommendation. On these safaris you can experience more freedom and flexibility than when joining other trekkers who may have a different pace or conflicting interests. Prices vary depending on number of people and length of trip. Contact us for more information. Prices start at 60 euros per person per day. The types of safaris are numerous, so below we have provided you with a few examples of some of the safaris we propose:

  • 3 day package: 270 Euros per person

    Day 1: St Catherine's monastery - Wadi el Deir valley.

    Day 2: Double canyon - sand dune area - Bir el safra water well - Barga mountains and dunes.

    Day 3: Gebel Makhroom, the "pierced" mountain - Al hedouda, Sinai's largest dune - Ein Hudra Oasis - Kirry valley - White canyon.

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    3 day off the beaten track package:
    300 Euros per person

    Day 1-2-3: Canyons, valleys, rock formations, dunes and a variety of landscapes.

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    6 days from St Catherine to Dahab by
    camel: 415 Euros (minimum 3 pax)

    Day 1: St Catherine's monastery - Mt Moses (2280m).

    Day 2-3-4-5-6: Double canyon - El Gunna Mountains - Matamir sand dune - Bir el Safra water well - El Hadouda the giant dune - Nawamis the Nabatean ruins - Ein Hudra Oasis - the White Canyon and much more... by camel or trekking.

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  • 6 day package with Gebel Katrina and
    exclusive sites: 480 Euros (minimum 3 pax)

    Day 1: St Catherine's monastery - Mount Katherine (2620m).

    Day 2-3-4-5-6: Canyons and locations away from famous sites. This package is our little secret and the places visited are not mentioned in guide books or in any other web-sites. Canyons and valleys rich in flora and fauna.

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    6 days El Gunna mountain by camel:
    545 Euros (minimum 3 pax)

    This is considered the top safari by guides and travelers. Starting by ascending the Gunna mountain range and exploring the deeper desert for 6 days before returning to Dahab.

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    12 days, Serabit El Khadem to Ras Abu
    Galloum by Jeep, camel and trekking:
    1050 Euros

    A long safari going from the west of southern Sinai and ending up in the east. Some areas are crossed by Jeep, others are more interesting by camel or on foot allowing for an interesting combination.

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  • High mountain range treks in St Catherine's protectorate, 1 to 6 days: 60 Euros per day

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    Retreats: From 40 Euros per day

    Ideal for Yoga, Meditation, Tai-Chi or Chi-Gong groups as well as simply to relax. We set up camp in an isolated area in the desert which becomes our base. You can reach your retreat by camel or by Jeep, and spend as long as you wish there.

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    From 40 Euros per day

    The desert is the perfect location for these practices. With instructors up to 7 days in any of the mentioned practices. If you have an already exisiting instructor, you can also have your own private retreat.

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Prices are all inclusive: guides, transport, equipment, camels, food and drink, entrance fees to national parks and protectorates.
On site, food is prepared freshly for each meal just like on safari, guides are at your service during your stay, there are many interesting treks in the surrounding areas.

Equipment provided:
Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, camping mattresses, torches, first aid kit, towels, toilet paper, binoculars, telescope (upon request). Recommended equipment to bring: sunglasses, sun protection: lotions, clothing and hats. (Traditional Bedouin scarves and clothing available upon request), warm clothes, good shoes or sandals on trekking safaris. Camera with a lot of extra batteries.

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quoteI wanted to thank you and the whole team with this message for all the great moments that you made us live during the safaris we have done with you ( 3 times from december 2008 to december 2010). You have always been attentive to our requirements, we put our trust in you and were never let down. You made us discover places that were not only beautiful but also, and mainly, very rarely frequented. Your attention and concern for nature also touched us. You can forward our coordinates to anyone who would like to have more information about our appreciation of your safaris.

Danielle BAUDAUX & Sylvain NDZENG.quote

quoteFor many years Salah, Maruan and Co have organised desert safaris for Yoga Travel. Our guests have traveled north, south, east and west in the desert with Sinai Safari's team, seeing many different areas in this spectacular terrain. Some of our best feedback comes from these desert trips (we also organise holidays in Morocco and Thailand) - our guests have always come back radiant and full of praise for their operation and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Will Cottrell, Managing Director, Yoga Travel.quote

quoteI recommend Sinai Safari for a truly authentic bedouin experience. This travel group offers something unique: an escape into the Sinai and a chance to experience how the modern bedouins spend their days and nights. From eating food prepared over a campfire to sleeping under the stars to simply absorbing the breathtaking scenery that forms the desert landscape, if you are looking for the real thing, look no further.

Pete from Dubaiquote
quoteWhat these guys are about is the love for the desert. And the willingness to share that with others. Their operation is based on real partnership with local bedouins, who never fail to offer their best, simple and sincere welcome.

Luke, african traveler.quote

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